Saturday, April 13, 2013

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

This Sunday past (4/7) was a Red Letter Day in the annals of Sound and Fury beer service. After what seems like a much more significant time than it really is; and certainly much sooner than it had any right to be, the kegerator is operational!

It truly is a thing of beauty, and there's little better than kicking back in your garage and taking a pour of your own beer from your own draught taps. It makes even a chilly early spring afternoon manageable, and fills one's mind with fabulous daydreams of lovely long summer days kicking back with friends and enjoying a pint or two in repose and without a care in the world.

It has been a hoot to build and a will be a joy to serve from. Here's to many more homebrews to come!

In raising the door height, we've made room for a 5th keg too, which is nice... though not reflected in the taps on the front. This was because we're toying with the idea of the fifth tap being a stout faucet or something like that. Ruminations continue, and we've drilled and filled the hole for future expansion. In other news, custom tap handles are on the way!

Enjoy these pics of the final build and serving:

Weatherstripping on the freezer top, to keep the seal on the wood

Settling the collar into its new home - really digging the stain

Affixing our CO2 manifold for line tidiness

More faucet goodness!

And with a couple of tap-handle threads sitting around, I couldn't help but play around with these stylish tap-handles - not to be confused with the spectacular product that is to follow!

Gotta get a couple growler fills in