Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I guess I'm a Puget Sound man at heart. There's something about the comfortable majesty and yet unforgiving, uncaring brutality of the body of water and its surroundings that speaks to me. There's something good and true about the act of hoisting a swarthy ale in celebration of its myriad charms, both gentle and raw. And what better ale to hoist than that made by mine own hand?

To that end, I'm embarking on a journey into the realms of brewing finesse. I'm graduating out of the kitchen and onto a pilot 12 gallon system of my own making. I hope you'll join me, both in narrative, in spirit and for a well earned (and hopefully well made) beer as I set sail into uncharted waters and lose myself in the art of the perfect brew.

Stay tuned for brewery build updates, brew day tales and batch information. I know I'm going to enjoy this, and I hope you will too. Drink the drink that I have made!

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