Sunday, September 23, 2012

9/19/12 - Batch #7 comes to fruition

On the 14th of July our Abbey Singel was born. Based on a Papazian recipe, this was a mini-mash/extract with Pale DME and Aromatic & Crystal Malts and mix of Challenger (Bittering), Saaz/Northdown (Flavoring) and Saaz (aroma) in a 60 minute boil. It was a 5 gallon batch pitched with Wyeast Belgian Abbey Ale liquid yeast starter pack at an O.G. of 1.053. With an F.G. of 1.012 we bottled 8/25/12 for a projected ABV of 5.4%.

#7 - Abbey Singel. Delicious

Looking back at the time lines this seems longer than I'd planned, but this brew wasn't unleashed until 9/19/12. I'm a bit sad we won't know how it tasted in the early days but it sure delights now!

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